Chapter One Childcare

Chapter One Childcare

Chapter One Childcare is a chain of fantastic nurseries based in Edinburgh and North Yorkshire. They have been providing warm, nurturing and challenging environments for children aged between 3 months to 5 years, for more than a decade.


Goals and Objectives

Our goal for Chapter One Childcare was to create a full online presence, utilising social media advertising to increase the visibility of their brand. Once we had that we needed to ensure we were gaining the highest conversions we could on all platforms to essentially get more leads and visits to the nurseries for the lowest cost.


Our Solution

Initially in 2010 we began working on increasing their position in the search results using Search Engine Optimisation.  We quickly saw some great results, with some of the non-branded, competitive key terms reaching top 3 positions in the organic search results.


Since then we have also updated their website; adding content; streamlining the navigation; adding rich media and making it more mobile friendly.


Since we began working with Chapter One Childcare in 2010, social media has dramatically increased their targeting ability. This was now the perfect area to reach Chapter One Childcare’s target audience as it gives us the ability to target specific demographs (i.e. pregnant or parent of a young child) in areas near to the nurseries. The campaign instantly increased their website traffic, leads and visits to the nurseries and with continuing conversion optimisation their campaigns get a great return on investment.

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