Digital PR

Digital PR is all about combining traditional PR with content marketing, search engine optimisation and social media.


Where PR and SEO use to be treated as separate services, the two now work together to provide you with the maximum exposure both offline and online. News can be spread across multiple channels from print and digital newspapers to news websites, blogs, Facebook, YouTube and much more.


You no longer have to be satisfied with a single placement of your press release. It can be used across digital channels to create dialogue with your target market, made easily shareable on Facebook or other social media sites and create Q and A sessions in a blog. All of this increases the visibility of the content increasing your online presence and brand awareness.


If you are looking for new ways to gain an advantage over your competition then Digital PR is a must.  The benefits of Digital PR don’t just stop there as if it’s done correctly it can also be a tool for SEO and increase your keyword rankings.


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