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Grow Your Followers and Convert Social Users Into Sales.

2017 saw a sharp rise in businesses using Facebook Advertising as part of their mix. In 2018 more businesses are using Arrow Digital to help them grow their brand awareness and sales across both Facebook and Instagram.


At last count Facebook has over 2 billion users and over 800 million people ‘like’ something everyday.  Businesses globally spent over $9m on Facebook adverts in 2017. A 47% increase on 2016.


So like Adwords once was, the cost per click (cpc) and cost per aquisition (cpa) on Facebook is low. Clients get clicks for .07p-.30p on Facebook as apposed to Adwords which are £1.20-£5+.


If you missed the early boat with Adwords 12 or so years ago then now is a fantastic opportunity  for your businesses/company to add Facebook Ads to your Marketing mix.


We will also help you to discover new audiences by using up to date methods of targeting, extending your reach and brand awareness.


With more and more targeting options available, we continually optimise your campaigns throughout their lifespan, gathering more data to understand your target audience even further. Therefore your campaign is always working at a high level ensuring you’re getting the results you need.


Are your competitors getting more reach and engagement than you?


While we don’t encourage copying your competition it is worth monitoring and studying their posts and adverts to see how they are successfully engaging with your target market. We can then use this to develop ideas for your team.


We run Facebook advertising for National and International brands helping them to build followers and sales. Here are some recognised brands however we have family businesses, local businesses and new to market products:





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