Now more than ever, businesses are focusing on creating the best possible mobile website experiences for their customers and SEO efforts.


Google has been heavily favoring mobile-friendly websites since they updated their algorithm in April 2015 and again in March 2016. And that’s crucial, seeing as there have been more Google search queries on smartphones than on desktop computers and tablets this year.


Going forward, Google will only continue to raise the bar for what it considers to be mobile-friendly (including page load time) and reflect that in its algorithm updates. So if you haven’t been focusing on improving your mobile experience, you’d better prioritise it now, or your search ranking could really suffer.


All websites we build or engage with for SEO, PPC, Social Advertising etc must be mobile friendly.  There is no point working hard getting the traffic to your website and losing a sale because of a poor mobile experience for the user.


If your mobile website is not up to scratch or delivering you the expected number of leads or enquiries your business should have then make contact with us.  As with the many successful case studies we currently help we can help your business achieve success too. Email with details about your business.

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